You can see the difference in your monthly electricity bills. What about its cause?

When maintaining your household account book or receiving an electricity bill, have you ever thought why this month’s electricity bill is so expensive?
It is troublesome to explore the cause of the expensive bill and you spend the following month just on a guess. Consequently, the electricity fee will rise without measures.

“ViewE” can visualize the electric power! If you know how much electricity is used for what, saving electricity and living an eco-friendly life are not difficult.

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Let’s start an energy-saving life with “visualization”

You can see daily, monthly and yearly power consumption graphs for the entire house or each circuit breaker with ViewE on your PC, smartphone or tablet.
You can use it even while on the go, which helps to prevent you from forgetting to turn off the lights.

“Visualization” of power consumption

With ViewE, you can compare the power consumption with the previous day, month or year to know its trend. Moreover, consumption by each circuit breaker can be checked in real time (*data is updated every 30 minutes), and you can quickly notice the cause when you become concerned about any power consumption status.

“Visualization” of self-sufficiency rate

If you are considering or already using photovoltaic power generation, you can also benefit from the “visualization of self-sufficiency rate” with ViewE. Therefore, a solar panel monitor is not necessary. You can promptly see the results, and you can really feel a fun and eco-friendly life with solar power.

“ViewE-kun” cheers you on for the goal!

On the main screen, “ViewE-kun” supports your eco-friendly life. ViewE-kun’s expression changes depending on the degree of the achievement of the goal. Let’s start an energy-saving life with ViewE-kun.

ViewE Screen Samples

Smart life to start easily

In addition to the above functions, ViewE has excellent features such as “low cost” and “easy installation”.

Smart life to start easily

ViewE is an energy measurement device (HEMS) that meets the requirements of ZEH. If you convert your home to ZEH (Net Zero Energy House) with ViewE, you can receive a subsidy. Furthermore, once installed, the monthly fee is 0 yen. Why don’t you change to an eco-house that is friendly to your wallet and the environment?
*In order to receive the ZEH subsidy, it is necessary to satisfy the specified conditions.

Easy installation with no construction required!

ViewE can be installed easily without construction, and you can smarten your home easily. In addition, ViewE’s main unit is very small and will not break the atmosphere of your room.

You can check anytime and anywhere, even while on the go!

ViewE is a Web application service, which can be used from the outside. You can check the power anytime and anywhere when you want to, and it helps to prevent you from forgetting to turn off the lights.
*The setting page of the main unit can be used only inside the house.
*The information will be updated every 30 minutes.

System configuration

ViewE Gateway and EcoEye (multifunctional distribution board) visualize the electricity information on your smartphone, tablet or PC via a Wi-Fi router, etc. You can use electric power wisely without waste.
*ViewE cannot be used alone. ViewE Gateway and the multifunctional distribution board “EcoEye” by Kawamura Electric Inc. are required.


EcoEye (multifunctional distribution board) is a completely new distribution board developed with the unique technology and the idea of Kawamura Electric Inc. With a compact and highly sensitive sensor built in the distribution board, you can have more detailed information necessary for energy management. In addition, hearing well the needs of the market before its development has enabled combining functions that fit various customers.

ViewE Gateway

ViewE Gateway is LINUX software that supports ECHONET Lite. It communicates with EcoEye (multifunctional distribution board) every 30 minutes, accumulates power consumption data, and outputs comparison data on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, etc. to the web application.

ViewE software specifications

OS Linux
Web server Apache Server
Database MySQL Database
Web application PHP

ViewE Gateway hardware specifications

Size 94 × 64 × 25mm
Networking 10/100 Ethernet,
Processor BCM2837 with a 1.2 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53
Memory 1GB LPDDR2(900 MHz)

ViewE has been registered as an ECHONET Lite certified device.
Registration number: KZ-000008
*ViewE is a web application for users of our ViewE Echonet Gateway and EcoEye (multifunctional distribution board) of Kawamura Electric Inc. Please note that it cannot be used otherwise.

Manual download

You can see the installation manual from the link below.

Installation manual (PDF)

Development partners

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