Seminar room, Meeting room etc.

Auditorium (consisting of 3 connected rooms)

The auditorium consisting of three connected rooms can be used in various patterns depending on the intended purpose.
In order to facilitate conferences or training, you can easily prepare and operate the equipment control and the usage patterns (connection patterns of rooms), etc. of each room with a desktop touch panel and a wireless touch panel (iPad).

Room connection patterns

Four patterns are possible.

1. Overall use [auditorium A + B + C]
2. Individual use [auditorium A, B, C]
3. Two rooms connected [auditorium A + B]
4. Two rooms connected [auditorium B + C]

Screen samples of control touch panel

You can operate the equipment control with one touch panel, including:
turning on/off the system power, switching room usage patterns, switching video displays, adjusting the volume of AV/microphones, operating Blu-ray discs, selecting TV conference videos to be transmitted, selecting live videos to be streamed, turning on/off the projectors, raising/lowering the screens, operating PowerPoint presentations.

Usage patterns (auditorium A)
Main control (Input options)
Mic volume
TV conference transmission
Projectors & screens
PowerPoint presentations

Seminar room

Operation of the projectors and selection of the displays, etc. are carried out by the touch panel set on the podium.

You can also control lighting, and you can easily change the atmosphere of the room by operating with the touch panel.

Screen samples of control touch panel

Input options
Blu-ray discs operation
TV conference operation

Conference room

These are some examples using a TV conference system or an audio conference system (multiple microphones).
Crestron’s wireless touch panel and control system are used for operation.