Crestron Fusion

Conference room operation management / Improved utilization rate / Tracked room usage

Fusion is a conference room booking system and is not limited to a function to display conference room reservations.
The system can appropriately support the operation management of conference rooms and greatly improve usage efficiency.
Furthermore, the system provides accurate and detailed data to help you to increase/decrease conference rooms in the future.
Fusion can be linked with various groupware such as Exchange, Google Calendar and R25.
If you are currently using the groupware, you can use Fusion just by reserving conference rooms as before.

Fusion is a convenient and easy-to-use system not only for administrators, but also for users.

Key features

Booking, management and linkup with groupware

The system supports smooth conference room operations by providing functions to reserve and manage conference rooms.
You can also make a reservation online from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as from a terminal installed in front of conference rooms.

Vacant rooms at a glance

You can see at a glance whether a room is currently used or vacant with a lamp on the terminal installed in front of the conference room.
For example, the green lamp indicates the room is vacant, while the red lamp indicates the room is being used.

Detailed reports delivered automatically

You don’t need to access the server every week or month. Fusion delivers the report by e-mail on the designated day.

End time notification lamp

At 10 minutes prior to the end time of the reserved hours, the lamp installed in the room lights up to inform you the end time. (This is optional)

Fusion 10 has more detailed reporting functions.

Everything starts with the data

If you can monitor all the rooms in the facility and record whatever information you need, how convenient will it be? Crestron Fusion 10 has made it possible.

Detailed analysis of the current status

Fusion 10 provides analysis reports that will serve as a source of useful information to understand the availability and the energy consumption of conference rooms, other facilities and AV equipment. With new reports devised based on requests from our customers, Crestron’s integrated building technology can increase the cost effectiveness of investment and make efficient plans, and further increases the productivity of knowledge workers and brings profit to your business.

Analyze important issues with Crestron Fusion 10

  • Service flows
  • Actual hours of usage for each conference
  • Average duration of conferences
  • Time allocation of conferences
  • Hours of usage of each room
  • Number of conferences held during a particular time of the day.
  • Most frequent user (conference organizer) of a particular conference room.
  • User who organizes the longest conference on average.

Accurate decisions can be made based on the detailed data

Reporting function of Fusion 10 has been designed to enable adding new reports at any time.
You can also customize the reports with the data collected by Fusion 10 in order to support the necessary decision making for your business.

For conferences

Crestron Fusion 10 records the information on all the conferences that have been scheduled or executed, no matter whether those are held only once or repeatedly.

  • Who is the organizer of the conference?
  • How long is the conference scheduled? When did the conference actually start and end?
  • Was the scheduled conference actually held?
  • Was the conference extended, canceled, shortened, or changed by the organizer?

For in-room devices

Crestron Fusion 10 can track the operations of all the in-room equipment, from “which button was pressed on the UI” to “what video input was used”. Customize the reports to make them fit with your company. Fusion 10 allows you to customize the reports to suit your business needs.
Tell us what you need. We will review all your requests with respect, and will give them priority to be included in the development of the next version of Crestron Fusion.

Note: Your submission of a request does not oblige Crestron to design or provide the submitted ideas or concepts in Crestron’s products. Upon your submission of the request, all the submitted requests, ideas and concepts become the property of Crestron.

For more information on Crestron Fusion, please visit the website of Crestron Japan.