What’s Helvar?

Helvar’s lighting control system conforms to the international standard “DALI”.
DALI is attracting attention for its versatility and extensibility that can communicate even with products of different manufacturers.
Even when the lighting technology evolves in the future, replacing light sources with DALI-compliant products will allow you to continue using the same control system. This will reduce the renovation cost to approximately a quarter of the conventional control method.


Turn on/off and even adjust the lights to your favorite brightness!

With DALI-compliant lighting devices, you can individually control each light in one percent increments and produce delicate lighting according to the situation.

Variety of switches

Set a scene according to the atmosphere


Set a different scene for the morning, the afternoon, the evening and the night, and create a different atmosphere by switching slowly according to the time schedule.
You can also control automatically according to the season, the hour, the sunrise or the sunset. Downlights are featured in the morning and the afternoon, and indirect lights from the evening to the night, changing the atmosphere to a calm one. Lighting control enhances the luxurious space.

Office building

For example, an external shared hallway.
Beautiful indirect lighting makes it an important element to create a landscape.
When you step into the entrance hall, get off the elevator, or look outside from the room, it will produce various night scenes together with the night view of the garden.
It enables efficient setting of illuminance of lights, practical application of indirect lighting, and active use of natural lights. And with all of those managed by the lighting control according to the season or the hour, you can achieve the lighting that makes you enjoy the space not only in the common area but also in the exclusive area.


You can set the “color” suitable for different situations, using the color effect to the fullest extent possible.
For example, the color to relax patients, the color to allow doctors to concentrate, or the color to make displays easy to see.

Wide variety of switches

One of the features of Helvar’s switches is its stylish design, which is a typical Nordic style.
Simple and warm switch plates fit into a variety of interiors, from private residences to hotel banquet halls.
Helvar has many functions, such as to turn on/off lights, to dim lights, and to select scenes, as well as a human sensor, a timer and a scheduling function.
Of course our switches are available in a variety of colors, and in addition, our switch frames are available in five colors, which provides you a plenty of choices.

Variety of switches

Energy Conservation

Helvar’s lighting control system contributes to energy conservation by controlling each light individually in conjunction with illuminance sensors and human detection sensors. Introducing illuminance sensors or human detection sensors can optimize the lighting time.
While keeping the illuminance necessary for each environment, you can realize comfortable energy saving and thinned-out lighting by the scheduled control according to the business hours. More efficient energy saving can be achieved while keeping comfort.

How Helvar works and its reference prices

The versatility and extensibility that do not rely on each manufacturer’s unique control method are the major advantages of DALI.
By installing one DALI router for one building and installing DALI drivers into LED lights, you can control any lighting equipment regardless of its manufacturer or model.
Smooth dimming and changes in the settings from 1% to 100% become possible for each light.
DALI drivers support all kinds of lighting equipment, for both indoor and outdoor use, such as spot lights, down lights, floor lights, and straight tube lights.

*Installation and adjustment fees are not included.