MediaStar Evolution

Digital signage solution that meets every need

Digital signage is electronic signage that can visually deliver various kinds of information such as still images, videos, web contents, etc. on displays or screens. You can expect great effects in various applications such as guide boards, timetables, or information sharing tools at companies and schools, as well as advertisements.
MediaStar Evolution can realize the development of best digital signage system that meets your needs.


MediaStar Evolution is a sophisticated IPTV system

What’s MediaStar Evolution?

MediaStar Evolution is a sophisticated IPTV system.
This is a digital signage solution that distributes high-definition TV and video streams as well as file-based contents to every display on your IP data network.

Various utilization methods realized by direct reception

Evolution can receive digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting directly from antennas, and can distribute locally generated videos from surveillance cameras to monitors and screens through IPTV multimedia encoders. Evolution Viewer software enables you to watch the contents on your PC or workstation.

Ideal as a domestic/international communication tool for companies

MediaStar Evolution enables visual communication on all the desktop computers, screens and displays in your organization, including live-streaming videos, special training programs and messaging.
It quickly and effectively brings the right information throughout your organization, and your staff will feel that it is easier to provide information, to grant authority or to get engaged.

Digital signage indispensable to people’s lives

Digital signage is widely used in various applications ranging from small displays in retail outlets to giant outdoor displays in stadiums or arenas.
Attractive digital signage is eye-catching.



Administrator management software

Evolution Administrator management software gives you total control of the location, time or monitors to distribute your contents.

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